Speakers 2020

Prof Eric Allémann

Professor at University of Geneva, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology.

Dr Vincenzo Sorrentino

Team Leader in Metabolism, aging and neuromuscular degeneration at the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS)


Dr Nikolche Gjorevski

Lab Head at Roche

Dr Pierre Maudens

Principal Scientist at Novartis

MSc, Romy Benninga

Biology R&D Manager at Abionic

Dr Sylke Hoehnel

CEO & Co-Founder at SUN Biosciences

Dr Floriane Groell

Senior Scientist at Novartis

Dr Dragana Avramovic

Postdoctoral Researcher at Roche

Dr Vincent Grek

Global Clinical Development Lead at Nestlé Health Science

Dr Naja Nyffeneger

Senior Scientist Biology at Vifor Pharma

Dr Justine Badée

Investigator at Novartis NIBR

Dr Remi Villenave

Lab Head at Roche

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